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with Able Muse

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Nov 11-12:
West Chester University Presents
The Narrative I/Eye: 

Wendy Videlock Presents: Poetic Form and the Imagination

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July 14:
The Myth Makers and Storytellers:
A Webinar With host Wendy Videlock and special guests

David Mason, Cristoso Apache and 

Rhada Marcum

BOOKBAR in Denver 

July 25 7 pm

A reading hosted by Joseph Hutchison, featuring Uche Ogbuji, Beth Paulson and Wendy Videlock

Poetry in Salida

Fri Aug 12 7 pm
Steam Plant Plaza
in Salida
with Uche Ogbuji, Claudia Putnam and Wendy Videlock 

WIth Open Mic Afterwards

Word on the Street 

Aug 16 in Glenwood Springs 

A reading taking place in the big white tent on 6th Street, outside the Art Center

Sunday, April 10: Keats Soul Making Prize

on  Zoom 

1-5 pm MST
(Winning poets will read from 1-2)


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