How You Might Approach a Foal:

like a lagoon, like a canoe, like you
are part earth and part moon,

like a bloom, like deja vu, l
ike you had never been to the brink
or the Louvre, like straw,
like air, like your mother

had just this morning
braided a dream into your hair,
like you have nothing to do, l

ike you had never heard
a sermon or a scathing word,
like a fool, like a pearl, like you

are new to the world.  

(this poem first appeared in New Criterion and
subsequently in Best American Poetry)

black and yellow abstract painting

Wendy Videlock lives on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. She is the winner of the PbtS Sonnet Prize, the Fischer Prize, The Cantor Prize and the four time recipient of the Keats Soul Making Prize. Wendy is also a two-time finalist for the Rattle Prize and has twice been a finalist for The Colorado Book Award and Colorado State Poet Laureate. Her poems, reviews, and essays appear most notably in Poetry, O Magazine, Hudson Review, Best American Poetry, Hopkins Review, Rattle, The New York Times, and American Life in Poetry. Her newest books include a collection of essays,The Poetic Imaginarium: A Worthy Difficulty, (Lithic Press) and a new collection of poems, Wise to the West, (Able Muse Press).  In the introduction to her first book, Nevertheless, MacArthur finalist AE Stallings says of her work, “Videlock is a magician of wit and whimsy, wisdom being not the least of these”. Timothy Green, editor of Rattle says, “Videlock is one of the few poets I can still read at length and purely for pleasure. Playfully wise and always surprising” Wendy is also a visual artist whose works are featured in galleries throughout western Colorado. Wendy believes that discovering one’s unique voice is a worthy difficulty and that listening deeply is an act of love. Her work is inspired by a love of language, a love of andscape, and by love itself. 

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